Aktive und erfolgreiche Wettkampfsaison

Zwar fielen die grossen internationalen Working Tests allesamt der Pandemie zum Opfer, hundesportliche Wettkämpfe in der Schweiz fanden jedoch in reduzierter Zahl statt. Ein guter Grund für Claudia mit ihren Arbeitslabradoren aktiv zu sein. Ein Rückblick auf die trotz allem schöne Saison 2020.

No International Working Tests this season due to Corona restrictions. Some WT, however, did take place in Switzerland thanks to an approved safety concept adopted by the Retriever Club of our country.
A good reason to look back on Claudia’s remarkable results she achieved with her Labradors.

2020 was – as everybody knows – a «special year». It started well for Claudia and the team at the first team event, with a second place in the Spessart Cup in Germany. And then it all stopped. Until later in the year, when the Swiss Retriever Club was allowed to hold some Working Tests under strict Corona safety rules. In two tests, both in the Engadin (south eastern mountain valley), Claudia achieved good results, both with the then 15 months old Labrador Brandy in the Beginners class, and with Eyleen, our Open Lab. Lockthorn Dice now is retired from tests; he ended his active event career winning the «Swiss Trophy 2019». Brandy, our youngster, finished his first Cold Game Test in an excellent 3rd place, only to achieve – a day later, another good result in a Working Test with dummies. His achievements in his first year resulted in winning the «Alpine Cup 2020».

Both Working Tests in July and August were held in splendid sunshine. The test on Schwägalp at the bottom of the Säntis mountain, took place at the end of September with plenty of snow! Limcreek Eyleen achieved in a different field of dog work, called «Begleithundesport», an excellent first place. So all in all, Claudia did have very good results with both of her Labradors. It was only due to new restrictions which prevented the last Working Test of the season (Eigenthal) to take place and as a consequence the «Swiss Trophy 2020» could not be attributed to the up to then leading dogs which happened to be Brandy in the Beginners Class and Eyleen with the Open dogs. No harm, Claudia and the dogs did achieve very good results in this awkward season.